Synthetic grass is being used in more and more settings, be it private or commercial. However, even with this rise in popularity, there are still a lot of myths surrounding the shift to artificial grass Manteca. Homeowners need to be diligent in their research so they can make informed decisions that will suit their homes and lifestyles.

As more studies are being conducted, more information comes to light about the benefits and effects of artificial grass. Being well-informed is important when considering the switch to artificial grass. It gives homeowners a better understanding of synthetic turf and its features and benefits.

Three Myths about Artificial Grass

These three myths have been doing the rounds of the synthetic grass rumor mill. It’s time to take a closer look at them to see if they are true or not.

Myth 1: All artificial turf is the same

Truth: There is a wide selection of artificial turf for your Manteca home depending on the look you’d like to achieve. The options for customization makes artificial turf very versatile, which can explain its growing popularity. It can be customized not just for residential use but also for professional sport and commercial use.

Low pile height and medium pile density is good for areas that will see a lot of running and laying on the grass. It is this combination that is generally used to sporting areas such as football fields. High pile density and medium pile height is perfect for public parks and commercial areas with heavy foot traffic.

Simply by mixing and matching pile height, pile density and fiber material, you can achieve the perfect balance between utility and aesthetics for your synthetic lawn.

Myth 2: Artificial turf is not ideal when you have dogs

Truth: Artificial grass in Manteca households with dogs find it easier to maintain, clean and more importantly, disinfect. Grass stains and muddy paw prints become a thing of the past with synthetic turf. Even with energetic dogs running and jumping in the yard all day, synthetic grass will not become patchy or uneven.

There is no need to worry about odor and bacteria build up because all artificial turf needs is a brush and hose down to get it looking fresh again. Compared to a traditional lawn that can absorb and retain bacteria, synthetic grass makes cleaning up after dogs easier.

With stress-free maintenance, artificial grass stays even and healthy-looking despite daily use by pets.

Myth 3: Artificial grass is too expensive and difficult to maintain.

Truth: Beyond the initial install, synthetic turf requires very little upkeep. What little maintenance it requires is also cheaper and easier to do yourself. There is no need to hire a gardener, just an artificial grass installer. Manteca’s change of weather won’t mean losing a meticulously tended lawn from too much sun or too much rain.

A synthetic lawn will look healthy and even on both sunny days and rainy days. There is no need to worry about higher water consumption during the summer months. All a synthetic lawn needs is a quick brush and a hose down for it to maintain a perfectly manicured look. With proper installation and maintenance, a synthetic lawn can see years of use which translates to years of saving up on gardening and landscaping costs.

When in Doubt, Consult an Expert

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