Planning a backyard renovation project using artificial grass in Manteca? It’s the perfect time to make your yard a truly accessible space for friends, family and anyone else you’ll invite into your home.

Having an accessible backyard isn’t just for those with mobility challenges— it’s a wonderful way to announce to the world that everyone’s welcome — whether they’re in a chair, on crutches while healing, learning to walk or in the peak of health.

Besides, it also boosts the home value. An accessible lawn is highly attractive for everyone from elderly folks with walkers to young families with toddlers just starting to find their feet, and everyone else in between. Try these practical turf landscaping ideas to increase the accessibility of your backyard!

3 Ways to Make Your Yard More Accessible with artificial grass

In the hands of experienced installers, artificial turf in Manteca becomes a versatile material that can accommodate any design. Enhance backyard accessibility using these ideas:

Create a level open space for freedom of movement

An uneven lawn can cause trips and falls, whether you’re using mobility equipment or not. It can also make it difficult for those with wheelchairs, crutches and walkers to move around your lawn.

A significant part of turf installation is leveling the ground for artificial grass. This creates a smooth and stable surface for people to walk on. Avoid installing turf on your own— failing to level the ground properly can create slopes and wrinkles that turns your yard into a dangerous place for everyone.

Install a wide, smooth path throughout the yard

If your outdoor area has separate zones like pool, patio, lounging area and kitchen, you’ll want paths between each zone. These paths should be smooth, level and free of joints so everyone can travel comfortably and safely.

On top of that, you can make life easy for your guests by having a nice accessible path that extends from the front curbside all the way to the back of your house. This way, they don’t have to walk through your home just to get to your backyard.

Avoid gravel, paving stones and bark mulch since they’re hard to navigate for those unstable on their feet. Choose concrete instead. It’s flat, resistant to foot traffic and is as non-slip as a surface can be. Artificial grass in Manteca can be installed around concrete to soften the edges and integrate them into your landscape.

Widen seating and dining areas

Having a dinner party? The last thing you want is not having enough space to seat everyone. An important element of accessible backyards is wider tables and accommodation for wheelchairs and similar equipment.

Don’t worry about damaging your turf with bigger and longer outdoor furniture— it’s highly resistant to weight and constant foot traffic. Natural wear and tear may flatten some areas, but all it takes is brushing the fibers to make them fluffy and lush again.

Design a Welcoming Backyard with Artificial Grass

There’s nothing better than the company of family and friends. Make sure everyone can safely and comfortably spend time in your home by redesigning it for accessibility using artificial grass. Manteca Artificial Grass can help you bring your ideas to life, from accessible landscaping to dog runs, playgrounds and artificial grass putting greens in Manteca. Call us today at 408-723-4954 to set up a consultation.