If you have kids and pets at home, replacing your natural lawn with artificial grass in Manteca is one of the best decisions you can make. It’s non-toxic, hypoallergenic and doesn’t harbor pests and weeds. For the ultimate protective measure, install shock pads under the synthetic turf to dramatically enhance the safety, playability and feel of your synthetic lawn.

What are shock pads?

Shock pads are foam padding installed in the middle of an artificial turf and its sub-base layer. They generally measure around 0.47 to 2.125 inches. While water typically passes vertically through the shock pads for efficient drainage, some allow water to pass horizontally and vertically.

Shock pads are an important element of playground and landscape turf systems. Integrated into residential artificial grass for dogs in Manteca, it absorbs impact and reduces the risk of injuries due to trips and falls. It also lends an ultra-soft feel to synthetic lawns, therefore enhancing its comfort. On top of these, shock pads extend the life expectancy of artificial grass.

Another benefit that shock-absorbing layers give to lawns is improved playability. Ball bounce is better and more predictable on padded turf, which is why shock pads are used in various sports, including rugby, football and field hockey. They also help venues to adhere to sporting code regulations.

Shock Pads Prolong the Lifespan of Synthetic Turf

Abrasion and compaction increase the damage to turf backing and fibers. Shock pads function as a protective layer against the grass surface, thus decreasing wear and tear. Additionally, they also support the turf fibers to prevent excessive flattening, which helps the synthetic grass last longer without diminishing its looks and function.

When to Add Shock Pads to Your Artificial Turf

While shock pads have major advantages, it’s still up to you whether to add them to your lawn. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then you should seriously consider adding shock-absorbing layers to your synthetic grass:

• Will children be using your synthetic lawn?

• Will you be playing sports and other physical activities on your yard?

• Do you have pets that will routinely play and run outside?

The need for shock pads ultimately depends on how you plan to use your lawn. For instance, artificial grass putting greens in Manteca don’t require shock pads for optimum gameplay. A heavily used backyard, on the other hand, will benefit from a padded layer since it’s enduring a lot of foot traffic. Discuss shock pads with your installer before the project begins to help you make a decision.

Boost Your Landscape with Artificial Grass

Welcome to a new way of enjoying your yard with synthetic turf! With or without shock pads and other upgrades, artificial grass in Manteca offers the following advantages:

• Encourages children to play with confidence

• Stays green and vibrant all year long

• Free of weeds and pests

• Requires little maintenance

• Conserves water

• Provides a safer space for your pets

• Reduces the risk of injuries

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