Give your dog a lush, beautiful outdoor space to play in with pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Manteca! This specially designed synthetic turf is so realistic, your dog won’t be able to tell the difference. Its evergreen appearance cuts down maintenance expenses as it removes the need for watering, mowing, weeding, mulching and other upkeep tasks.

Maximize the benefits of artificial grass. Select the best type of pet-friendly turf for your lawn to level up outdoor playtimes with your dog!

Factors to Consider When Selecting Dog Turf

With many synthetic turf options out in the market, choosing the perfect grass for your pet space requires serious thought. Take note of these factors when selecting your pet turf to achieve the best lawn experience:

• Safety – How much cushioning does the artificial turf have?
• Practicality – How is the synthetic grass going to be used?
• Expense – How much is the artificial turf?
• Drainage – How effective is the synthetic turf at draining water?
• Maintenance – How much would it cost to keep the lawn in top condition?

The Best Kinds of Pet-Friendly Turf

Now that you know the essential turf considerations, the next thing that you need to do is explore your options. Thanks to synthetic grass technology, there are many variations of top-quality pet turf available today. Here are the most popular selections used and provided by the top artificial grass installer in Manteca:

• Simply Natural II

Simply Natural II turf features lush, green UV-resistant polyethylene grass. It mimics the look and feels of an artificial lawn perfectly, boasting a nutmeg and olive thatch as well as a blade height of 1.2 inches. It is also soft to the touch, which will make your pets happy.

This best-selling artificial turf weighs 70 oz., giving it more heft than your usual turf. Its backing is a mix of duel system permeable polyurethane and dual-layer woven polypropylene. Simply Natural II is 100 percent made in the USA, so you can rest assured of its quality.

• Pedigree

You can’t go wrong with the Pedigree, as it is primarily designed to be a pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Manteca. It is made up of a dual yarn system with a rigid monofilament fiber that’s perfect for landscaping. Pedigree turf has slightly shorter blades compared to most grass types, making it easier to clean up and maintain.

A popular type of turf for dog parks, Pedigree turf provides pets with a paw-friendly surface to enjoy. Its drainage is permeable and backed by an 8-10-year warranty.

• Olive Lush

Olive Lush combines shades of olive and field green for that fresh and natural look. It is composed of olive thatch and backed by durable, short grass blades. With its resistance to wear and tear, Olive Lush is ideal for spaces where foot traffic is excessive.

This turf’s UV resistant polyethylene yarns also keep it from discoloring and getting damaged from prolonged exposure to sunlight. What’s more, it drains water efficiently with its effective proprietary technology. With a face weight of 65 oz and a pile height of almost 2 in, Olive Lush turf is a stunner.

Get the Perfect Artificial Grass for Dogs in Your Lawn!

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