Most golfers with small yards consider having their own green impossible dream. When you’re used to paying for tee time on golf ranges, those countless acres start to look like the only option. This is where artificial grass in Manteca comes into play.

Synthetic turf is why so many amateur golfers now have a private green. It doesn’t even matter if you have a small yard. Professional installers know how to make the most of any space, and that includes making backyard putting greens fit into small spaces.

Clever Putting Green Ideas for Small Backyards

Whether you have a small yard or a property with scattered, oddly-shaped empty spots, expert installers can help you turn these areas into fun, challenging greens. Check out these cool, space-savvy ideas for inspiration:

  • Turn your entire yard into a putting green.

    Yes, the entire thing! Even small yards have natural terrain features that are perfect for a compact but challenging course.

    If you still want a separate outdoor living area aside from your green, it’s easy to do this with artificial turf in Manteca as well. For example, you can border your green with pavers to separate it from the rest of the lawn and create a pathway. You can also extend the yard all the way to your porch by covering it with turf.

  • Connect vacant outdoor spaces.

    If you have several empty spaces that you want to dedicate to golf (e.g., a part of your driveway and a portion of your backyard), develop a green design that connects them. Come up with a layout that’s similar to the themed, miniature golf course setups you’d find in amusement parks.

  • Take advantage of poolside areas.

    Instead of going with concrete, wood, tiles, pavers and other hardscapes for your poolside area, why not cover that area with synthetic turf instead? It may not be the most conventional way to enjoy artificial grass putting greens in Manteca, but no one can deny it’s a smart solution.

    Synthetic turf is soft, durable and water-resistant, so it’s an excellent swimming pool surround. If your pool is oddly shaped, you can cut the turf to fit the edges. Talk to your installer about more safe ways to incorporate your green with your pool side area.

Helpful Tips on Designing Putting Greens

Aside from not letting these myths about synthetic turf hold you back, here are some tips that will help you take your green design up a notch:

  • Choose a spot that’s a safe distance from windows and parked cars.
  • Make obstacles out of potted plants and other outdoor décor that you already own.
  • Spice up your personal course with customized tee markers.
  • Add lighting fixtures close to your green so that you can play after dark if you want.
  • Incorporate undulations, mounds and multiple holes into your design to make it challenging.

Enjoy Unlimited Tee Time in the Comfort of Home

For top-notch installation services and premium artificial grass in Manteca for putting greens, look no further than Manteca Artificial Grass. Our team can landscape and install synthetic turf for spaces of all shapes and sizes. Expect results that will go over and beyond your expectations when you let us handle your project.

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