Today, more and more people are switching to pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Manteca for a low-maintenance lawn cover. Thanks to technological advancements, even your kids and pets can enjoy a safe, clean and comfortable playground surface with synthetic grass.

5 Reasons Artificial Turf Makes the Best Recreational Surface

Soft, aesthetically-appealing and customizable — these are some of the best reasons an increasing number of property owners are choosing synthetic turf over its natural counterpart. Artificial grass boasts properties that make it superior to natural turf and other playground surfaces.

  1. It is non-allergenic.

Grass pollen production is one of the most common and severe problems that parents deal with, especially during spring and summer. It is the main cause of hay fever and allergic reactions among humans and even your pets. Your child may experience symptoms such as sneezing, coughing and rashes.  Pets that are allergic to grass and weed pollen also tend to scratch and lick the affected areas, which can cause scabs.

The good news is that you don’t have to deal with all these when you make the switch to pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Manteca. Synthetic turf halts the production of pollen and weeds since it doesn’t grow. It also drains away moisture, effectively reducing the opportunities of allergen growth, including mold and mildew. Now you can let your pets and kids play all day on the playground, without all the health risks.

  1. It is an excellent training ground for your kids.

Aside from providing a soft playground surface, artificial turf is also an ideal training ground. Start them young to become good pet owners. For instance, train your child to clean their pet’s mess for when the dog answers nature’s call.

Since synthetic turf is easy to clean, you can instruct your kids to scoop up the dog waste and hose down the spot to eliminate lingering mess. Cleaning up the turf could be a fun and worthwhile activity for you and your kids. With the ease of post-potty cleaning that artificial turf offers, your kids will enjoy pet training more!

  1. It creates a cleaner play environment.

A pet peeve among homeowners is their dog and children tracking in dirt after a day of playing.  By installing pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs on your child’s playground, your kids and pets can now play without the mud and dirt. Let them run and roll around all they want; with artificial grass, you can be confident that your kids won’t get messy. Plus, you can expect a spotless floor in your home!

  1. It is pet- and child-friendly.

As parents, your kids’ safety is your top priority. That is why as your trusted artificial grass installer in Manteca, it is our duty to install safe, durable and adequate surfacing to reduce the chances of life-threatening injuries and falls. Synthetic grass is an ideal playground cover. It absorbs the shock of a fall to lessen the impact and provides a cushiony spring to reduce risks of more severe injuries.

  1. It holds up under a variety of weather conditions.

Natural grass and rubber surfaces are the most common cover options for playgrounds. However, they don’t always wear well, especially under extreme weather conditions. They can crack, peel, separate and fade due to weather elements. Synthetic grass, on the other hand, is a durable surface that can withstand various weather conditions. It is specially designed to last for 15 years or more so you won’t have to spend on maintenance or replacement when seasons change.

Transform Your Playground Today with Artificial Grass!

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