Who can resist the appeal of a beautiful yet low maintenance lawn all year round?  Certainly not the growing number of homeowners who choose artificial grass putting greens for their Manteca homes.

An artificial grass lawn stays even and well-manicured without all the fuss of natural grass. There’s no need to hire a gardener to tend to the lawn every two weeks.  There’s no need to get a lawnmower or install sprinklers. You don’t even have to bother about fertilizing, feeding and trimming turf. But what about weeding? Is weeding still necessary for artificial grass putting greens?

Are Weeds a Problem for Artificial Grass?

It’s very unlikely for artificial grass to become overgrown with weeds. The way turf is designed creates an environment that isn’t conducive to weed growth. Turf simply has too many layers for weeds to push through. This means that they don’t have access to the sun and water they need to thrive.

Should any weeds develop on any artificial grass in Manteca, they’re likely to be growing only on the surface of the turf. They most likely grew from seeds that were carried on the wind or by animals and falling leaves. Though the weed is growing, it has not taken root in the soil. Simply uproot it gently and then throw it away.

How to Avoid a Weed Invasion

Though surface weeds are easy to get rid of, they become annoying if they keep shooting up from a pristine putting green. These three tips will help keep weeds off any artificial turf in Manteca.

Be vigilant and regularly brush the turf

Weeds are likelier to grow on the surface of the artificial turf rather than under and through them. On the surface, they take root in the accumulated plant debris. Their hold may be flimsy but it might just be enough for them to propagate.

Prevent this from happening by regularly brushing the turf. This gets rid of any surface the weed may take root in like damp leaves. It also gets rid of any seeds that may be blown in on the wind. It is especially important to do this regularly during the summer when conditions are ideal for weeds to grow.

Regular brushing also has the added benefit of keeping artificial grass in Manteca looking neat and even. This is because the brushing action realigns any turf pile that’s been flattened or bent in the wrong direction.

Secure the perimeter from weed seeds

Weed seeds get everywhere. They’re blown in by the wind. They’re carried by animals. They even hitch a ride on falling dry leaves. This is why it’s good practice to keep the area surrounding artificial free of weeds with just a few gardening tips.

Trim trees and prune hedges to avoid accumulating dry leaves on the turf. As mentioned, weeds can sprout on these especially when damp. If you are growing flowers, make sure to weed out the bed regularly. If you have a leaf blower, run it over the artificial grass putting green of your Manteca yard. This will help get rid of any stray weed seeds on the turf.

Give no quarter and resort to weed killer if necessary

If weeds still somehow manage to grow right through your artificial turf, get out the big guns and resort to weed killer. Spray the solution across the entire lawn, not just in the area where weeds are visible. This doesn’t have to be done often, maybe once or twice a year depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Just be sure to use animal-safe products if you have any pets at home.

The Best Offense is a Good Defense for Artificial Grass

A properly installed artificial grass putting greens in Manteca homes has built-in safeguards against the appearance of weed. To ensure the best quality artificial grass installation, call the experts at Manteca Artificial Grass at 408-723-4954.