Is your backyard safe enough for your pooch? From grass seeds to toxic weeds, natural grass hides numerous doggie hazards that may not be obvious to pet owners. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to eliminate these hazards as long as your lawn is covered with real grass. The best way to protect your dog is to replace your yard with pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Manteca instead.

How Artificial Grass Keeps Dogs Safe

Dogs always have the time of their lives every time they’re allowed to play in the yard. Just one misstep, however, and your unsuspecting pooch may suddenly hurt his paw or ingest something that makes him sick.

Switching to artificial grass can eliminate most of these pet hazards in one go. Here are some ways pet-friendly turf helps protect your dog:

  • No more biting lawn pests

Natural grass harbors pests and insects of all kinds such as ticks, fleas and ants. These bugs cling to your pet and bite them as your dog rolls in the grass. Flea and tick infestations can irritate your dog’s skin, and in worst cases, make them fall seriously ill. There’s a big chance that your home can be infested as well when your dog comes back inside.

Since insects cannot survive on the best artificial grass in Manteca, your furry friend can safely play as much as he wants on your pest-free lawn without worrying about flea and tick bites.

  • Less exposure to chemical lawn products

A lot of chemicals go into a flourishing grass lawn. This includes growth regulators, fertilizers and pest control products such as weed killers and insecticides. Since dogs often come into direct contact with the ground, these toxic ingredients can stick to his coat and enter through his pores, skin and nasal passages.

Replacing real grass with pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Manteca completely eliminates this issue because there’s no need for chemical products to keep it looking green and vibrant all year long.

  • Decrease allergy triggers

Just like humans, grass pollen can trigger allergies in dogs too. The usual symptoms include excessive scratching, runny nose and eyes, irritated skin and coat damage. For severe cases, however, grass allergy can lead to serious breathing problems. Synthetic grass has no pollens, therefore significantly reducing the risk for allergies in your pet.

  • Reduced risk of injured paws

Real grass is filled with objects like sharp twigs, stones and pointy grass seeds that can hurt the delicate paws of your dog. Bare patches can also be rough on a dog’s pads. Fortunately, artificial grass is designed to provide a soft and gentle surface that feels like real grass, but more evenly textured and distributed for a safer surface to play on.

Upgrade Your Yard to the Ultimate Petscape with Artificial Grass

Beautify your lawn while giving your dog a safer, more fun space to play in with artificial grass! Aside from dog-friendly petscapes, we can also install artificial grass putting greens in Manteca among many other residential and commercial applications of synthetic turf.

Let your premier installers at Manteca Artificial Grass take care of all the hard work, and simply come home to the lush, evergreen yard you deserve. Let’s talk about your project — contact us at 408-723-4954 today!