Contrary to what most people believe, artificial turf in Manteca isn’t only suitable for yards, gardens, courts, and playgrounds. It’s applicable on any surface. Synthetic grass is such a versatile landscaping option that you can use it to have lawn grass in the most unconventional places. They include outdoor platforms such as patio, balconies, and roof-decks.

Synthetic Grass for Your Patio

Let’s start with the outdoor platform closest to the ground: the patio. The patio or porch is typically located at the back or front of your home, specifically the covered outdoor space before you enter the door. It’s typically used to enjoy the outdoors without venturing away from the house.

Install artificial grass on your porch to enjoy the feeling of grass under your feet without leaving the house or worrying about dirt. The only way that it can accumulate dirt and mud is if it was used by muddy feet or shoes; a common occurrence during the rainy season. Don’t fret though. Cleaning it is just a matter of hosing it off. Since the turf is under the roof, you also don’t need to worry about it heating up during the summer seasons.

Here are some creative ways to use artificial grass in Manteca on your patio:

  • Cover the entire porch floor.
  • Use synthetic grass that matches the type that’s growing on your lawn.
  • Place it on the parts of the patio away from the door to achieve a “path-like” effect.

Synthetic Grass for Your Balcony

Don’t have a patio or a yard to cover with greenery because you live in a condominium or apartment? Install artificial grass on your balcony instead.

By installing artificial turf on your balcony, you can have your very own oasis in the city. You’ll enjoy the same advantages as using it on a porch—minimal maintenance, heat-resistance, and increased visual appeal—several stories above ground. Is your balcony small? Not a problem. Artificial grass can be customized to fit any area.

You can use the design ideas for turf on the patio to enhance your balcony. Aside from those, you can also use artificial putting greens in Manteca to:

  • create a mini-golf course
  • enhance your balcony garden
  • make the balcony floor comfortable to sit on

Synthetic Grass for Your Roof Deck

Since it doesn’t require soil, water, or any other lawn care solutions to thrive, investing in artificial turf is the easiest way to have “lawn grass” at the highest point of your home.

In addition to its convenience, covering your roof-deck with artificial turf will not increase your home’s temperature. Its durability also offers extra protection to your roof against the elements.  You won’t need to worry about it getting damaged by rain, snow, ice, and hail.

Here are some ingenious ways to use synthetic turf on your roof-deck:

  • Create an outdoor sitting space.
  • Enhance a roof-top court or playground.
  • Make roof-deck pools safer and more visually appealing.

Anything you can do on the other two outdoor platforms will also work for your roof-top—just on a larger scale.

Upgrade Your Home’s Outdoor Platforms

Cover your porch, balcony, or roof-deck with artificial turf. For professional synthetic grass installation in the Central Valley, Manteca Artificial Grass has you covered.

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