Once you hire an artificial grass installer in Manteca, you’re automatically one step closer to having a pristine, cost-efficient and low-maintenance outdoor space. You just need to prepare your turf before the day of installation.

4 Steps for Synthetic Grass Installation Preparation

While synthetic turf landscaping companies do take measures to prepare the land, you can expedite the process by completing some of the basic pre-installation tasks. Here are some of the things that you can do before your artificial grass installer arrives:

  1. Identify the area’s conditions.

Establish its soil type, determine its ground conditions and find out how well it drains moisture. These will help you identify the right infill and aggregate for the installation. Conduct an early and thorough evaluation to determine how much work is required. Inform your synthetic grass installer of your findings to give them the opportunity to adjust their installation approach if necessary.

  1. Get rid of weeds and other invasive flora.

The best artificial turf in Manteca covers the soil and is installed with a special weed-resistant infill. This, however, does not automatically fix weed-related issues in your garden.

If your grounds are suffering from a persistent, untreated weed problem before the installation, there’s a risk that the synthetic turf covering won’t stick. Reduce this risk by removing every weed that you can find up to a depth of 2 inches. Get professional weed control services for a thorough purge.

  1. Make the ground level.

For seamless installation, the target area must be level and consistent. Uneven land can create unsightly mounds on your turf, which can weaken the foundations of the installation. In severe cases, they can make some of the sections of the synthetic grass to peel off. Examine your grounds carefully. If you find subtle indents or ridges on the surface, inform your installer immediately.

  1. Determine the definitive use of your outdoor space.

This will help you identify the right type of synthetic turf for your installation. If you want to make a golf course out of your lawn, for instance, an artificial putting green is an excellent investment. On the other hand, if your yard is going to be your canine’s play space, consider getting pet-friendly synthetic grass. Discuss the purpose of your lawn with your family or housemates before settling on a turf type.

Reasons to Hire an Artificial Turf Installer

Even if it is possible to install turf on your own, it’s still best to hire a professional artificial grass installer in Manteca. Here’s why:

  • The margin of error is smaller with expert installation.
  • You get grass with 100% efficient proprietary drainage.
  • You save valuable time that you can use on other tasks.
  • You are ensured a thorough and consistent installation.

Get Expert Grass Installation in Manteca

Save yourself the worries of creating the perfect artificial grass lawn. With Manteca Artificial Grass, you can get the synthetic turf landscape of your dreams without the hassles of setting it up on your own. Aside from lawn coverings and landscaping. Our team is trained to complete installations of pet-friendly turf and artificial grass putting greens in Manteca. Contact us now at 408-732-4954 for a FREE quote on your project!