Cleaning up after your dog is a natural part of being a pet owner, but it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think. Tired of dealing with mud, stepping on urine puddles and detangling your dog’s matted fur after playing in the backyard? Check out how easy it is to clean artificial grass in Manteca and why so many pet owners are making the switch!

How to Clean Pet Artificial Grass

The clean-up rules for turf are similar to real grass, except you don’t have to deal with issues like dead grass due to pet urine and stubborn bad odors. The key is to remove pet waste as soon as you see it.

But even if you don’t have time to clean up after your dog ASAP, it’s still very easy to maintain their backyard bathroom spots. Here’s a peek at how to keep pet artificial turf in Manteca clean:

• Simply Hose Off Pet Urine

Unlike soil that tends to absorb urine and odors, synthetic turf’s excellent drainage system quickly draws liquids away from the artificial grass surface down to the subsoil below. As result, urine doesn’t stay long in your backyard.

For dog pee, just hose down the spot and you’re done! Don’t worry if you left the chore unattended for a day or two. If you start smelling some unpleasant odors from their pee area, you can deodorize it with a mild vinegar solution (equal parts water and vinegar) or mild soap. Rinse with water, and you’ve got a clean, sanitary yard again. There are also special artificial turf cleaners you can buy if you want something even more convenient.

• Pick Up Dog Feces as Usual

For dog poop, just pick up as you would with real grass then rinse with a cleaning solution.

Forgot to scoop it up for a few days? Spray the dried dog feces with water to loosen, then pick up what you can. Afterward, rinse it again. If there’s any remaining stool, clean it away with a paper towel and a soap/water or vinegar solution.

• Keep Bad Odors at Bay with Pet Turf

For a stronger defense against unpleasant odors in your yard, talk to your artificial grass installer in Manteca. They have several methods to keep synthetic yards odor-free, such as:

Installing a membrane or turf deodorizer to provide greater airflow between the turf and the base, preventing trapped smells

Using crushed rocks under the turf surface to help filter waste better

Using special types of pet-turf with anti-microbial surfaces to prevent the spread of bacteria from animal waste

During your initial consultation, let your installers know that you have pets so they can factor that into the design.

Owning a Pet Has Never Been Easier with Artificial Grass

Get ready for a stress-free pet ownership experience! Manteca Artificial Grass has helped countless pet owners make the switch to turf, and we’d love to do the same for you. Learn more about the benefits of artificial grass in Manteca and receive a free quote— call us at 408-723-4954 today!