While there’s nothing more appealing than a pristine pool surrounded by lush, green grass, most homeowners use brick and concrete for their areas. This is because natural grass and water overflow don’t mix. With the help of the best synthetic artificial grass installer in Manteca, however, you can give your pool a tough, verdant and water-resistant surround!

Why Choose Synthetic Turf for Pool Surrounds  

Aside from staying vibrant throughout the year, artificial grass offers other benefits that can upgrade your pool experience. Here’s why you should use it for your pool areas:

  • It is impervious to water. Synthetic turf won’t drown no matter how much water it’s exposed to. Better yet, it can take care of the pool overflow quickly with its efficient drainage system. Also, unlike the real thing, artificial grass doesn’t get muddy.
  • It doesn’t get slippery when wet. Concrete, wood and other conventional pool surround materials tend to become accident-prone areas when wet. Synthetic turf stays slip-resistant even while dripping with water.
  • It doesn’t add to pool debris. Unlike the real thing, artificial grass blades don’t break under constant use. This means that they won’t contribute to the natural debris that accumulates in the pool. You’ll get to spend less time skimming the pool for grass blades and more time enjoying its refreshing waters.
  • It is highly customizable. Synthetic turf can be customized to cover spaces of all types, shapes and sizes. You can place it on hardscapes, sloping terrains and even on pool decks. With the help of the best synthetic artificial grass installer in Manteca, you can turn your wildest pool area landscaping ideas into a reality.
  • It offers a cushioned surface for pool users. Synthetic turf is soft and sturdy, so you don’t get scrapes if you use it for leverage when you haul yourself out of a pool.
  • It doesn’t need chemical solutions to thrive. The problem with using natural grass for pool surrounds is that it requires chemical treatments which can seep into the pool. This isn’t a risk with synthetic turf. Artificial grass doesn’t need herbicides and pesticides to stay free of weeds and pest.
  • It can accommodate poolside furniture and equipment without getting damaged. Artificial grass is tough, so you don’t have to limit the furnishings you place on synthetic turf. Place chaise lounges, bistro sets, hammocks, outdoor sectionals and barbeque equipment on it without fear of breaking its surface.

Artificial Grass Ideas for Pool Areas

Choosing to use synthetic turf for pool surrounds is just the first step to getting the perfect outdoor area. Consult with an expert installer and discuss the details of the project. Consider these creative artificial grass ideas:

  • Accentuate hardscapes with synthetic turf. Offset wooden and concrete pathways with lush, green grass. Not only will it increase the natural feel of your pool area, but it’ll also make the place easier on the feet.
  • Green up your poolside seats. Upholster your pool benches with artificial grass to increase their water and weather resistance. Choose soft and short grass types for optimum comfort.
  • Replace brick and concrete pool patios with artificial grass. Give pool users a resting area that’s easy not only on the eyes but also on the feet.
  • Fire-proof poolside barbeque areas. Unlike natural grass, synthetic turf doesn’t burn or get damaged easily from the high heat of grills. It stays lush and green, regardless of the temperature.

Have a Cleaner, Safer and More Beautiful Pool Area!

Use synthetic grass for pool surrounds. For premium artificial grass options and installation services, look no further than Manteca Artificial Grass. Aside from pool areas, we can help you green up patios, rooftops, yards, pet runs, playgrounds and more. We are also one of the artificial grass experts for putting greens in Manteca, so don’t hesitate to contact us for your sports-focused installations.

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